• Growth Avenues in North American Energy Saving and Performance Contracting
    Post-pandemic strategies focus on industry convergence that offers building owners energy efficiency and cost reduction

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    This research service analyzes the North American energy saving and performance contracting (ESPC) market. The ESPC market covers services such as energy audits; design and engineering; assistance in finance, equipment bidding, and acquisition; installation and commissioning; measurement and verification (M&V); and personnel training.

    Frost & Sullivan segments the ESPC market into energy saving contracting (ESC) and energy performance contracting (EPC). These segments relate to the provision of energy and operational services to organizations to reduce energy consumption through greater efficiency of building system operations and/or load reduction. The critical difference between the segments is EPC ensures energy performance and reduces risk in energy management, while ESC does not include a performance-related component.

    The North American ESPC market historically achieves over a 5% annual growth rate. However, it only recorded a 4.0% growth rate in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The overall ESPC market is likely to expand moderately during the forecast period due to the renewed US administration under President Biden.


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