• Actionable Insights Steering Growth in the Australian Facility Management Sector
    Technology adoption and service efficiency to advance FM as the economy improves post-pandemic

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    The Australian facilities management (FM) market registered disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, recording negative growth. It is forecast to remain negative in 2021. Frost & Sullivan expects the FM market to record stable development in 2022 as the economy recovers and fully recover by 2025 or 2026.

    New infrastructure development, hygiene awareness that leads to more frequent cleaning and sanitization, and smart and sustainable building development are the main drivers for FM services in Australia. However, reduced facility operations and work from home (WFH) policies due to the pandemic, service commoditization, fierce price competition and margin pressure, and reliance on in-house FM service delivery due to lack of outsourcing culture restrain market development. WFH practices have also prompted commercial office occupiers to downsize their office footprint.

    COVID-19 has made good hygiene practices a priority and increased the demand for hand sanitizers and surface cleaning services. It has also expanded access control technologies, automated sanitizing stations, people flow analysis, safety compliance checks, and staffed security for crowd control and social distancing enforcement. In terms of end-user vertical, more opportunities for FM service providers will likely come from healthcare facilities, from reactive maintenance to more strategic approaches in operations and maintenance.


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