• Innovative Technologies Generating Novel Growth Hubs in the Global Power Transmission Sector
    Future growth potential of transmission infrastructure rising due to growing renewable energy installations and grid connectivity projects

    Research Overview

    This research service is a comprehensive study of the transmission equipment (69kV and above) market growth over the next ten years (from 2021 to 2030). It includes transmission substation, power transformers, transmission cable length, and circuit breakers. The report covers North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

    The study presents the expected global transmission market developments over the next 10 years based on the historical data gathered through the interactions with stakeholders and the reports published by the transmission operators and regulatory bodies. Frost and Sullivan has analyzed 68 countries globally along with growth drivers and restraints that are likely to impact market growth in respective countries to determine the market potential in the next decade for all the transmission equipment.


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