• Frost Radar—Global Smart Water Meter Market, 2021
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    Water stress and the need for climate resilience have led water utilities around the world to embrace new strategies for customer-side demand management and reduction of non-revenue water (NRW) losses. A key part of the customer-focused digital strategy is the rollout of smart meters that capture water consumption metrics, drive customer engagement for water conservation, and manage water losses.

    Water meters were primarily used for billing of consumption, but over the last few years advancements in data analytics and software platforms have allowed for remote monitoring and data collection, real-time visualization of consumption data, automated leak detection and meter shutoff capabilities, and improved water quantity and quality management. Leading companies are offering a wide range of value-added digital solutions that help utilities holistically manage both supply and demand.

    Utilities in Europe and North America continue to transition from manual or automated meter reading (AMR) to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Smart city projects and water conservation policies in the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region make them ripe for growth. Solution providers are leveraging as-a-service business models to enhance their positioning.


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