• New Growth Avenues in the European Biostimulants Industry
    Effective, streamlined regulations will encourage manufacturers to come up with more products, fueling growth

    Research Overview

    Crop quality and quantity are influenced by biotic and abiotic factors. Abiotic factors include soil composition, salinity, acidity, temperature, drought, pollution, humidity, rain, wind, and ultraviolet radiation. Stress caused by unfavorable conditions significantly reduces harvest yields, as plants respond to such conditions by using their energy reserves to fight stress instead of concentrating on yield. With synthetic fertilizers having a negative influence on plants and water bodies, biostimulants play a vital role in combating abiotic stress, thereby allowing plants to achieve maximum productivity.

    This research service explores the growth opportunities in the EU biostimulants market, with an emphasis on key growth factors across regional markets, prevalent trends and technologies, product innovations, and competitive landscape.

    With effective streamlined regulations, manufacturers are expected to come up with more products in the market, thereby fueling market growth. The role of the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) in offering market clarity and transparency to investors and manufacturers is key to market growth. Europe’s EBIC has become the first governing body to recognize plant biostimulants as a category under agricultural inputs.


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