• Americas’ Building Insulation Materials: Potential Growth Opportunities and Insights
    Future growth potential will be enhanced by opportunities in the development of energy-efficient buildings

    Research Overview

    This Frost & Sullivan study analyzes the building insulation materials market in the Americas and identifies market growth opportunities and challenges.

    Energy efficiency is a critical factor across both new building construction and renovation projects in the region. Sustainability trends are driving the need for materials that offer excellent performance in terms of thermal resistance, moisture protection, recyclability, and fire protection. The growing focus on green and energy-efficient buildings for both new construction and renovation activities is driving greater adoption of insulation materials in the building and construction industry.

    Insulation materials play a crucial role in maintaining the internal environment of buildings and also in increasing the energy efficiency of the insulated building envelope. The United States and Canada adopt policies to promote the renovation activities of the building stock and prevent heat gain/loss through proper insulation. These measures will boost the building insulation materials market in the Americas during the forecast period.


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