• GCC Non-Ferrous Metals: Evolving Business Models Boost Growth
    Opportunity assessment of the aluminum and the copper value chains and evaluation of future impact and go-to-market strategies

    Research Overview

    On the back of the GCC's Vision 2030, aluminum demand will be driven by developments in construction, packaging, and infrastructure. Frost & Sullivan recognizes that value chain integration through secondary production is an emerging trend.

    Electric vehicles are gaining popularity in the region, which will drive the need to localize aluminum foil production for lithium-ion battery cell packs.

    New cities are likely to be established, which will drive the demand for aluminum wire rods and conductors to connect with the power grids. HVAC companies in the GCC are major importers of raw material feedstock, and this holds tremendous potential for new investment. The packaging sector holds significant potential in terms of the formation of localized foil mills and the establishment of a supply ecosystem to reduce import dependency.


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