• Futuristic Growth Opportunities for Off-Highway Fuel Cell Electric Equipment
    Strategic partnering, innovative fuel cell concepts, and the integration of production, storage, and refueling are top growth strategies

    Research Overview

    Hydrogen is turning out to be a very good alternative to fossil fuels. A wide range of industries are developing hydrogen fuel cell technologies for different applications. Mobility is one of the top industries where hydrogen fuel cell can be used to reduce carbon emission. Hydrogen fuel cell powertrains in the off-highway industry will compete with battery electric powertrains in terms of the ability to scale to storage system capacity and reduce refueling time. Fuel cell solutions in the off-highway industry are nascent, with very few OEMs initiating fuel cell development and isolated testing at private test sites. However, government initiatives, public and private funding, and stringent mandates for green construction and mining projects are expected to drive the adoption of fuel cell technologies in construction, mining and agricultural applications.


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