• New-age Developments Create Transformational Growth for Automotive Location-based Services
    Growth strategies of location-based services for public sector to improve government-resident interaction and address residents’ changing needs

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    Cities are constantly expanding with a continuous increase in the number of residents, straining public sector agencies across the globe. Resident needs have increased making it increasingly difficult for public sector agencies to cater to these changing needs of public at large. In addition, global events, such as the pandemic, have further strained public sector operations that face new challenges, such as shortage of labor, remote working operations, movement restriction, along with the increase in needs of residents. To address these issues, public sectors are looking at deploying solutions to aid in efficient and effective management of interaction with residents while also improving public experience.

    The COVID-19 pandemic will lead to long-lasting impacts on the ways organizations and governments function, which will result in use and deployment of solutions that increasingly support remote operations and reduce human interaction while improving response to individual needs. Location will be a key aspect to deploy solutions, such as resource allocation, incident management, and traffic management.


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