• Strategic Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Global Automotive Industry
    At least 140 start-ups that offer disruptive technology hold future M&A potential in the automotive ecosystem

    Research Overview

    The global automotive industry is undergoing a massive shift toward electric vehicles (EVs), and strategic mergers and acquisitions (M&As) will help companies leverage this shift and drive growth. Legacy automakers and component manufacturers are constantly scouting for suitable parties to synergize their capabilities and keep pace with the evolving industry. Technology start-ups are prime targets for OEMs and shared mobility giants as they seek to accelerate their capabilities and expand their businesses. In recent years, M&A numbers have risen considerably, and this trend is likely to witness strong growth in future due to the immense industry potential.

    This Frost & Sullivan study aims to analyze the deals, strategies, and opportunities in rapidly evolving mobility segments such as EVs, connected and autonomous technology, shared mobility, and aftermarket. It examines deal value and volume, discusses case studies, and forecasts potential deals and trends for the next few years. The study also deep dives into automotive M&As across the CASE and the aftermarket industries, OEM best practices, and the key drivers and restraints for future M&As.


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