• Transformation of Global Medium and Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles Aftermarket Fueled by CASE and New Growth Prospects
    Suppliers to be benefitted from specialty components and increased parts’ cost, while the independent aftermarket to focus on partnerships for service needs

    Research Overview

    This research service analyzes the impact of Connectivity, Autonomy, Shared Freight, and Electrification (CASE) on the commercial vehicle aftermarket, mainly in North American and European regions. Discussions in this study are specific to medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The study discusses the various market trends, influencing factors, business and operating models, and differentiated product requirements relevant to the CASE aftermarket and provide an overview of the current and future prospects for commercial vehicle aftermarket participants, alongside the growth of CASE in trucks. The base year for analysis is 2020, while the forecast period is from 2021 to 2030.

    CASE impact on aftermarket demand by parts along with capability gaps of various aftermarket participants in CASE segments are also analyzed. With the current and future potential of CASE penetration in commercial vehicles, underlying opportunities for commercial vehicle aftermarket participants are also identified and analyzed to help participants make the right business decision.

    Apart from the above, this study also provides an overview of drivers, restraints, and regional regulations that have an impact on the CASE commercial vehicle aftermarket. Key companies that are capable of disrupting the CASE commercial vehicle aftermarket with their innovative offering and operating process are also highlighted in the report.


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