• Massive Growth Opportunities in the North American and European Connected Motorcycles Industry
    Motorcycle manufacturers spearheading embedded connectivity and electrification growth strategies will capture huge revenues from connected services

    Research Overview

    The connected motorcycles study for North America and Europe provides an insight into the technological development and innovations of the new decade that will transform the motorcycles industry. The current generation of motorcycles will have new technologies such as embedded connectivity, artificial intelligence, and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) systems. Motorcycle manufacturers are expected to strategically align themselves with connectivity service providers (tier 1 suppliers and technology service providers) through partnerships to achieve this transformation goal. This study includes case studies on key motorcycle manufacturers and how they approach the next wave of connected use cases. For instance, BMW Motorrad’s emergency call (eCall) and Damon Motorcycles’s advanced warning system are indications of what motorcycle manufacturers could pursue in the coming years.

    Frost & Sullivan also offers an overview of how technology companies help manufacturers with connected motorcycles strategies as well as trends such as eCall, comparisons between tethered and embedded connectivity, navigation development, hardware roadmap, connected service offerings roadmap, and technology trends including eCall, telematics, and human-machine interface. The study covers technology-oriented motorcycle developments for 2020 and 2021 and discusses technology and connectivity updates resulting from original equipment manufacturers, partnerships/collaborations, and regulatory impacts.

    The connected motorcycles industry in North America and Europe is poised for growth as consumers are expected to increasingly opt for two-wheelers post-pandemic. The study forecasts different scenarios for connected motorcycles adoption and deployment from 2021 to 2025 and analyzes growth opportunities and strategic imperatives for all participants in the connected motorcycles ecosystem, including motorcycle manufacturers, tier I companies, and technology service providers. Conclusions and future market outlook are presented along with recommendations on how ecosystem participants should pursue connectivity in motorcycles.


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