• Automotive Insurance: Novel Business Strategies Drive Growth Opportunities
    New connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) mobility models will lead to transformational growth

    Research Overview

    This report identifies the new scenarios that are impacting the automotive insurance industry and the evolving and new business models in this space. The study identifies and analyzes the trends and the shifts in the industry, focusing particularly on 4 areas—connected, autonomous, shared, and electric.

    The automotive insurance industry has witnessed a rapid transformation over the last few years to become a smarter industry. The traditional one-for-all approach in terms of premium rates is becoming a thing of the past. Insurance rates today are driven by algorithms that are based on a number of factors that capture the true cost of risk. This provides significant cost savings to both the insurance firms and the insured.

    These changes in the automotive insurance industry can be largely attributed to innovations happening within the mobility space. Technological evolution has brought about disruptions in mobility, resulting in connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) solutions. This, in turn, has resulted in new types of risks in the mobility landscape that needs to be covered by insurance, thereby making traditional insurance solutions redundant and further requiring a change in the way insurance is assessed.


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