• New Technology Transforming Energization in the Aerospace & Defense Industry
    Future growth opportunities enhanced by the demand for greener and more efficient equipment

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    Driven by the new "green" government policies and the need to enhance capabilities and efficiencies, defense operators are turning to new power sources and energization mechanisms. Advances in energy storage and its applications today enable operators to provide "silent watch" solutions and use directed energy weapons and hybrid drive systems in platforms. While only a few operators are currently using these advanced capabilities, the number of operators is expected to increase significantly over the next decade and drive the market for advanced energization solutions in defense. The commercial sector has overtaken the defense sector as far as energy-related offerings are concerned, which has caused both defense companies and military operators to turn to the commercial sector to look for solutions for their emerging requirements. This study provides a snapshot of how the energization requirements of operators are changing, analyses the factors that are driving the changes, and identifies the emerging opportunities.


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