• High Demand for Satellite Manufacturing Drives Growth Opportunities
    An exhaustive database providing growth pipeline for satellite, component and satellite system manufacturers consisting of forecast for 44 components, 12 subsystems and total satellite manufacturing markets until 2030

    Research Overview

    The high demand for satellite manufacturing is the direct result of the increase in the number of satellite launches and increase in number of planned constellations. This has resulted in Serial production of satellites. The overall growth in the satellite manufacturing market has spurred the demand for satellite subsystem and component manufacturing. This database covers the 2020–2030 time period.

    The database covers about 618 operators from various user segments and documents operator-wise planned and launched satellites (since 2015) by various attributes. The database offers interactive output for total market demand. in terms of number of satellites, number of subsystems, and number of components, in addition to revenue forecast segmented by user segment, application, operator region, and mass class.

    The database answers complex questions pertaining to the overall satellite manufacturing, satellite subsystem manufacturing, and component manufacturing; for instance, what is the demand for manufacturing satellites in the 250–350 Kg mass class in North America?


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