• Potential Growth Opportunities in the Global Space Agencies Sector
    Transformative mega trends driving growth and technology development

    Research Overview

    This research service provides information on major industry trends as well as insights into the top 14 space agencies, including the new and emerging ones. It covers the most advanced space activities and programs, international space collaborations, growth opportunities of emerging and developed space agencies from around the world, and it summarizes the key participants and observations within the national space agency market.

    Most space agencies focus on launching satellites that provide revenue-generating export services or products, or promote space commercialization, all of which add significant value to the space industry. This has resulted in the positive growth of the industry, and with the entry of many start-ups and space companies that are constantly innovating and developing advanced technologies, has led to higher adoption of new space companies, smart technologies, and low-cost space products, services, and capabilities.


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