• 2022 US Department of Homeland Security: Budget Analysis and Growth Opportunities Revealed
    Agencies want multipronged protections in place as a devastating pandemic, social unrest, and political discord continue to pose threats

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    The 2022 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) budget request released in May 2021 reveals an increase from the 2021 enacted budget. The new budget request reflects the Biden administration’s commitment to:

    • Coast Guard modernization

    • Confront disaster challenges

    • Improve federal cybersecurity across government

    • Improve transportation security

    • Respond to domestic terrorism

    • Revitalize research and development capacity

    • Uphold immigration laws

    The study reviews DHS components that offer the best opportunities for companies trying to enter the homeland security market. It includes market drivers and restraints that shed light on some budget numbers and the importance being placed on certain projects and programs. The research service assists in understanding the government’s focus and the services it utilizes as well as services it will likely require. This analysis provides an overview of DHS research and development trends that furnish insight into opportunities. During the harvesting of data, key factors ascertained concerning the COVID-19 pandemic were blended in to offer readers their possible effects to the budget.

    The cited funding data reflects only those funds assigned for discretionary spending and does not include mandatory fees. All years in this document refer to government fiscal years and not calendar years.


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