• Frost Radar—Global Airport Digitalization Market, 2020
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    The airport digitalization market is fragmented, with numerous start-ups and conglomerates offering IT solutions. Leading companies have distinguished their products and services by developing next-generation technological capabilities, bundling and upselling solutions, and creating cross-industry synergies. The competitive environment, however, is intense as airports around the world continue to adapt to changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Suppliers in this space range from boutique data and analytics providers to airport specialists and IT multinationals

    COVID-19 has changed the digital priorities of airports worldwide. The key focus now is on implementing contactless technologies, streamlining operations, and optimizing revenue through faster turnarounds in passenger flow that result in increased dwell time. With every facet of aviation being digitized, stakeholder collaboration to ensure an easy flow of data has never been more important. While a Big Data-enabled platform would allow multiple industry stakeholders to share data to optimize operations, the increase in interconnected solutions has made the data ecosystem more vulnerable. Airports and airlines must always be mindful of data privacy and security regulations.

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