• Transformative Innovations Drive Growth Opportunities for Value Chain Compression
    The restructuring of the value chain will open up new opportunities in the retail supply chain

    Research Overview

    Transformative business solutions and customer-centric business models are compressing the value chain. Vertical integration is causing value chain dynamics to change, with new entrants offering end-to-end solutions across the upstream and the downstream stages. The value chain will move from the current product-centric model to consumer-centric data, systems, and services in the new compact ecosystem. New technologies such as AR/VR, AI, and Blockchain will not only enable value-added customized solutions but will also reduce value chain inefficiencies.

    Disparate generational preferences toward purchases impact the overall customer journey. Millennials prefer automated customer service and Gen Zs place high value on personalization, which is pushing retailers to redesign the value chain with a focus on direct customer communication. The growing trend of digitalization in the retail space is also encouraging businesses to explore new delivery and fulfilment models that will reduce the gestation gap between product order and delivery.

    Advanced technologies, digital platforms, and direct-to-consumer models will result in value chain compression, reduced friction, and a decrease in the total number of steps in future customer journeys. Evolving consumer purchase trends such as the demand for more personalized products, same-day delivery, and innovative and informative purchase experiences enable the delivery of high-volume products (direct from the supplier/manufacturing hub to the customer). Companies are looking to set up digital ecosystem business models and provide several interconnected services through a single platform. This will offer multiple touch points and also shorten customer journeys.


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