• Future Growth Potential of Lifescience, Health and Wellness Technologies

    Research Overview

    This edition of the Life Science, Health & Wellness Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) discusses multiple developments in vaccine technologies, both prophylactic and therapeutic. Most of the innovations highlighted are around influenza, COVID-19, and cancer vaccines. Developments in intranasal delivery, needle-free delivery, and thermostable formulations are also covered. Advanced technology platforms for scalable manufacturing and plug and play solutions, which can be applied to multiple pathogen serotypes are also discussed. Further, innovations in emerging technologies such as gene therapy for retinal diseases, immunotherapy for cancers, developments in nutraceuticals for cardiovascular protection and cosmeceuticals for skin and hair care and protein-based sweeteners are also profiled in this TOE.

    The Life Science, Health & Wellness TOE will feature disruptive technology advances in the global life sciences industry. The technologies and innovations profiled will encompass developments across genetic engineering, drug discovery and development, biomarkers, tissue engineering, synthetic biology, microbiome, disease management, as well as health and wellness among several other platforms.

    The Health & Wellness cluster tracks developments in a myriad of areas including genetic engineering, regenerative medicine, drug discovery and development, nanomedicine, nutrition, cosmetic procedures, pain and disease management and therapies, drug delivery, personalized medicine, and smart healthcare.


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