• Transformative Policy Shifts in the United States Present Huge Growth Opportunities
    Fiscal stimulus boost and tax reforms enable strong future growth potential

    Research Overview

    In 2020, the US economy grappled with a contraction in its output as an economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. The new US administration has signaled tectonic shifts in economic policy which will influence growth recovery. As the economy stages a strong recovery in 2021, buoyed by large-scale federal spending, policy rate cuts, and the Federal Reserve’s asset purchase program, many stakeholders have questions on the growth opportunities for US businesses, sectors that will drive economic growth, and the evolution of the trade and investment environment under the new administration.

    This research provides insights into the drivers and restraints for the US economy between 2021 and 2025 and details the opportunities that will emerge from the US administration’s spending push over the current decade. By offering a forward-looking macroeconomic assessment of elements such as trade and investment, government spending, consumption, and labor market trends, the research offers insights for businesses to leverage policy shifts and the changing macroeconomic environment to their advantage.

    A key feature of this research is the analysis of new taxation policies and the resulting strategic imperatives that businesses will have to undertake to minimize the impact on profitability. The research also discusses industries that will benefit from subsidies to attract greater investments to fortify domestic manufacturing capabilities and provides insights in minimizing supply-chain vulnerabilities amid an uncertain trade outlook with China.


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