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The Growling Technology Whispers Worth Shouting About

Richard Sear
Partner, SVP and Chief Solutions Officer

I love the Alvin Toffler quote, “The great growling engine of change—technology,” for a host of reasons. “Growling” could be overlooked for “change” simply because we are caught in an era and pace of change that leaves our heads spinning, and strategy executives love to talk about change. However, the deliberate use of growling denotes a sense of hostility. My interpretation of this word choice is the foresight to know that technology is an incredibly fickle and risky proposition, and fickleness has a high propensity to create hostile responses based upon our given perspective.

This is exemplified by our 2021 Edition of the Top 50 Emerging Technologies, which showcases technologies at a technology readiness level (TRL) of 5 to 9. Our team spent tens of thousands of hours determining the standouts for the next several years and assessed their viability across our criteria. Our top technologies cannot be ignored, especially with a tidal wave of end-user needs spurred by the recent geopolitical chaos (COVID-19, elections). This has created a renewed view of the impact these technologies can have on many applications.

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