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FMCG 2025: 5 Strategic Pillars to Build Your Growth Pipeline

Nicolas Votano
Associate Partner

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are shaping their growth more than ever through constant innovation and the implementation of new technologies to serve their consumers better.

This traditional sector is at the heart of powerful industry convergences. Traditional value chains are impacted by transformative Mega Trends, disruptive technologies, and new business models that will reshape them faster than expected.

Five strategic pillars will support the FMCG industry in the next five years: digitization, personalization, sustainability, deglobalization and new business models.

Digitization is amongst the most disruptive trends for traditional FMCG players. From R&D to distribution, each building block of the value chain will be deeply impacted. AI, data analytics, IoT, robotics, machine learning, RPA and additive manufacturing are advanced technologies that will reshape FMCG research departments, factories, warehouses and stores while enhancing customer experience and engagement. These technologies will optimize internal processes and automate redundant and low value-added tasks. They will strengthen client intimacy by leveraging data to provide perfect custom solutions to billions of clients.

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