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Jolted by COVID, the Future of Work and Mobility Arrive Early

Sarwant Singh
Managing Partner and Global Practice Head – Mobility & ADS

Almost a year after our lives were upturned by COVID-19, we have adapted to radically transformed work practices, patterns, and philosophies. As the future of work takes shape, what is most exciting is that it will not be business-as-usual.

Instead of the daily corporate office commute routine, we now have an ecosystem that supports flexibility and personalization. Mobile infrastructure, technologies, and devices have knit together smart work centers and remote workplaces. The results are improved flexibility, enhanced real-time collaboration, better employee engagement, higher productivity, and increased revenues. New work dynamics have also had profound implications for mobility and the future of the automotive industry.

Setting the Scene

The future of work will continue to change across workforces, work technologies, and workplaces.

Workforces will be mobile, dispersed and easily accessible, thanks to purpose-built mobile infrastructure and smart work technology solutions. Meanwhile, rapid technological advances will highlight the need for new skill sets, requiring employees to constantly upskill, reskill, and adjust.

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