• Tech Advancements Spur Growth Opportunities for End-user Priorities in the Customer Engagement Space
    Improving CX is the top corporate goal from 2020 to 2022 across industries

    Research Overview

    The overall research objective is to measure the current use and future decision making behavior toward customer contact solutions primarily in the United States with a small sample from other regions. The technologies we covered include: customer journey analytics, elearning, quality monitoring, social media analytics, speech analytics, unified agent desktop, workforce/performance management, web interaction analytics, and web collaboration tools. Interaction channels we explored include: chat/chatbot, email,ivr (interactive voice response), live agent, messaging bot (Facebook, WeChat, etc.), IoT (internet of things), mobile customer care, proactive outbound,video/video kiosk,virtual assistant (text, voice), web, and social media.

    Frost & Sullivan aims to:

    Understand the IT-related challenges organizations face today:

    • Monitor the status of digital transformation

    • Assess the current and future use of CX technologies

    • Evaluate factors that drive investments in CX technologies

    • Gauge CX trends

    • Appraise available IT budgets


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