• COVID-19 - Global Macroeconomic Reforecasts and Growth Opportunities

    Research Overview

    The global economic adversities triggered by the pandemic will be of vast proportions, with unprecedented levels of growth contraction expected across the real economy, trade, and unemployment. Moving forward, businesses are looking to adapt and use this period of uncertainty to their advantage with new transformative models lined up for H2 2020 and beyond. However, challenges in terms of business survival and growth persist.

    The study has been designed to help businesses understand the essential strategic imperatives and key growth opportunities that will ensure growth in this time of crisis. The research also offers global and regional insights into macroeconomic metrics, growth environment, and key stimulus responses.

    Key sections include:

    • 2020 Outlook for Major World Economies

    • Regional Comparative Assessment of Historical Geopolitical Shocks vs. Covid-19

    • Covid-19 Impact on Trade and Unemployment

    • Key Covid-19 Stimulus Trends Analysis

    • Covid-19 Impact on Sectors

    • Post-Pandemic Economic Growth Opportunities


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