• Industry Guide to Cloud Workload Security in Asia-Pacific Provides Strategic Insights
    Increased adoption of public and hybrid cloud technology creates strong need for cloud workload protection

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    The awareness of cloud security has significantly improved among businesses, largely driven by industry regulations and in-country cybersecurity laws. Many businesses state that security and privacy are their biggest concerns when moving to the cloud.

    However, misconceptions about cloud security remain, particularly regarding cloud application and cloud workload security; this leads to the misuse of cloud security protection strategies. Additionally, many businesses lack clarity about the responsibility of data security between cloud service providers and the businesses themselves. Due to the ineffectiveness of legacy security solutions (e.g., endpoint security, firewalls, application security), it is vital for businesses to have visibility in the cloud environment and fully understand what, where, and how to protect workloads. Requirements for containers, containerized applications, and serverless workload protection are soaring due to the increased adoption of public cloud and multi-cloud models. Cloud workload protection (CWP) is increasingly integrated with other cloud security management tools, such as vulnerability assessment, security information and event management, security analytics, and log management, to have the full capabilities of risk management for cloud workloads.

    These solutions will be increasingly integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive the automation and orchestration of threat detection and response with minimal or no manual intervention. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) continue to take place among security companies. Traditional security companies will use this as one of effective strategies to strengthen their product portfolios for cloud protection.


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