• Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Online Video Platforms Space
    An assessment of market direction to prepare for the rebound

    Research Overview

    Online video platforms (OVPs) play a critical role in delivering online video content to the world. OVPs enable media and entertainment companies including broadcasters, multiple-system operators, publishers, and other content owners to publish, protect, manage, and monetize their digital video assets. OVPs also power the video for online properties and websites for enterprises, brands, and small and mid-sized businesses.

    The outbreak of the coronavirus and its elevation to the status of a global pandemic has had ripple effects on all types of industries around the world. With many cities on lockdown, storefronts shuttered, and corporations enforcing work-from-home mandates, digital strategies have become more important than ever. For enterprises, publishers, and brands, video has come to the forefront as the most potent, business-critical tool driving all inbound and outbound communications with employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and resellers. Broadcasters, content owners, and video-on-demand providers are witnessing surges in the demand for engaging content that can be streamed on multiple devices and platforms.

    This study takes a look at the impact of COVID-19 on the global OVP market, examines how companies in the space have been responding in the light of this unprecedented crisis, and considers growth opportunities. This special re-forecast has a base year of 2019 and a forecast period from 2020 to 2025.


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