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Top 50 Technologies of 2022: What are the Robust Growth Strategies for the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry? Join our GIL Council to be a Part of a Robust Community Aimed at Translating Consumer Perceptions into Business Opportunities Benefit from a Complimentary Dialog with our Growth Coaches and Assess Your Company's Growth Strategy What are the Innovative Growth Opportunities Transforming the Global Vaccines Industry? Frost Radar—Artificial Intelligence-enabled Drug Discovery, 2022 How are Strategic Partnerships Creating New Growth Avenues for Medical Imaging and Informatics?

Growth Opportunities

Interventional X-ray: Future Growth Powered by Innovative Solutions
Interventional X-ray: Future Growth Powered by Innovative Solutions

What are the key factors influencing the ROI? What are the latest advancements in imaging technology? How is the use of robotics opening new avenues of growth? How is medical tourism driving investments? How are stakeholders reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency?

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What are the Emerging Growth Models for Next-generation Diagnostics?
What are the Emerging Growth Models for Next-generation Diagnostics?

What are the new business strategies focusing on end-to-end customer experience? How is blockchain technology enhancing data reporting? What are the R&D efforts for improving laboratory workflows? Which are the key regions leading in terms of revenue growth?

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What New Initiatives are Boosting the Growth of Vaccines?
What New Initiatives are Boosting the Growth of Vaccines?

Explore how manufacturing decentralization, digitization of the supply chain, and increased outsourcing have accelerated the pace of transformation in this segment. Also, analyze the emerging growth opportunities driven by public-private partnerships and novel technology platforms.

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Growth Analytics

Explore our growth analytics offerings such as key account management (KAM), research-as-a-service (RaaS), global opportunity scouting, competitive intelligence, marketing and sales operations support, content management, and much more.

CxO Insights


The Rise of the Sheconomy: Women’s Increasing Impact on Business, Culture, and Healthcare

Reenita Das
Partner, Senior VP, Healthcare and Life Sciences – Frost & Sullivan

The Sheconomy impacts almost every economic sector because a more significant proportion of highly educated women are joining the global workforce every year. With the increase in spending power, women are propelling economic activity from both ends—accelerating growth as a workforce and featuring as promising retail consumers. However, this female-powered economy is more than a mega trend for leveraging the economy. It is a massive force that addresses the inequalities women have faced at home, in society, and in their workplaces for generations.

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Frost Radar & Top Growth Insights

Frost Radar—North American Clinical Documentation Improvement Market, 2022
North American CDI

How will ML and AI-based solutions help achieve regulatory compliance?

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Healthcare Artificial Intelligence: What Growth Prospects are Powered by Novel Technologies?
Healthcare AI

How are computer vision technologies transforming this space?

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Growth Potential of the US Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and Remote Patient Monitoring Powered by Innovations

What are the new revenue streams for the stakeholders?

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Digital Twins in Global Healthcare: What are the Latest Avenues of Growth?
Digital Twins in Healthcare

How will new technological capabilities ensure proactive decision-making?

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Key Growth Strategies Influencing the Growth of the US Health Insurance Landscape
US Health Insurance

What are the future prospects for payers, home health agencies, and medtech companies?

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Robust Technologies Accelerate Growth Opportunities for Deep Brain Stimulation
Deep Brain Stimulation

How will technologies like virtual reality and telemedicine enhance the patient experience?

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US Life Sciences Research Tools: New-age Developments Propel Massive Growth?
Life Sciences Research Tools

What are the government policies and budget proposals influencing this sector?

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Future of Medical Devices: How is Digitalization Creating New Avenues of Growth?
Medical Devices

How are advancements in connectivity paving the way for new types of robotic surgeries?

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Analyst Insights

The global vaccine market is growing rapidly, thanks to the huge investments and competition during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are still many challenges to address. These issues include tackling the diseases that lack an effective vaccine and developing new technologies and approaches to address a future pandemic. A new report from Frost & Sullivan highlights the platforms that can help companies overcome these challenges and make significant progress in vaccine development.
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Based on a recent industry assessment of the precision health informatics market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes LifeOmic with the 2021 North America Enabling Technology Leadership Award. The company provides a precision health-specific healthcare system and governance to improve access and awareness, thus driving adoption.
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Based on its recent analysis of the Indian in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Roche Diagnostics India with the 2021 India Competitive Strategy Leadership Award for its well-executed country strategies, effective market penetration, and innovative offerings. Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that leverages competitive intelligence to successfully execute a strategy that results in stronger market share, competitive brand positioning, and customer satisfaction.
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Press Releases

Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations Shifting Focus to Meet Future Demand

Transformational forces are influencing the global contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) market’s growth. Disruptive, innovative business models and technologies mandate the need to commercialize personalized therapies and focus on improvements in manufacturing technologies.

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Femtech after COVID-19: How to Break the Bias and Meet Women’s Untapped Healthcare Needs in 2022

The global femtech market reached $707.6 million in 2021 and is expected to hit $1.15 billion by 2025, driven mainly by the demand from fertility, menopause and geriatric care. While the older demographic will be the largest market for this segment, the younger population is expected to drive the general health & wellness segment and embrace new technologies more enthusiastically.

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Digitalization and Innovative Business Models Key to Transformational Growth in APAC, Finds Frost & Sullivan

As the impact of digitalization advances across all sectors, businesses are at a crucial turning point. They must optimize the returns from their existing resources while embracing new business models to create greater value for customers amid a challenging environment caused by the pandemic, geopolitical pressures and the supply chain crisis.

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