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Growth Opportunities

Connected Medical Devices: Emerging Applications Boost Growth
Connected Medical Devices: Emerging Applications Boost Growth

Which technologies do connected medical devices currently use? What are the key drivers and challenges affecting the future of this industry? What are the emerging applications and industry analyses for this sector? Find out the answers to these questions in this research.

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Hybrid and Multi-cloud Healthcare IT Presents Huge Growth Potential
Hybrid and Multi-cloud Healthcare IT Presents Huge Growth Potential

With the acceleration of digitization strategies, what are the cloud adoption challenges and roadmaps, healthcare providers’ hybrid/multi-cloud implementation plans, cloud vendor capabilities, current industry developments, and growth opportunities for industry stakeholders?

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Dynamic Growth Strategies Redefining the Orthopedics Industry
Dynamic Growth Strategies Redefining the Orthopedics Industry

Explore the revenue forecasts, industry share analyses, competitive environment assessments, and industry segment analyses with an overview of the changing landscape and the importance of understanding the business models to succeed in this digitally transforming segment.

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CxO Insights


Silver Linings in a Pandemic—Humanizing Agents

Alpa Shah
Global VP - CX Practice, Frost & Sullivan

Agents are the front lines in handling customer emotions. Often when customers call, they have already exhausted poorly designed self-service options and are frustrated by the time the agent takes the call. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for work-at-home agent (WAHA) models and self-service to assist with rising call volumes. As a result, companies are rethinking the balance of self-service and live agents. However, companies are not seeing how crucial employees are to CX. Employee retention is still a low priority across industries.

Contact centers faced unprecedented obstacles last year. With remote work, peer support was lost, and remote training proved difficult without the right technologies and software. Having agents deal with sensitive data when they work from home without implementing security measures to protect customers has been particularly problematic. And creating and managing COVID-19 protocols is challenging for those who are on-site.

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Frost Radar and Top Growth Insights

Frost Radar—Global RNA Delivery Technologies, 2021
RNA Delivery Technologies

Explore RNA therapeutics in different stages like mRNA, tRNA, siRNA, and RNAi therapies

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Emerging Growth Opportunities Transforming the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Analyze key regulatory, reimbursement, and policy updates like health data standardization

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US Value-based Care: Growth Opportunities for Medical Device Companies
US Value-based Care

How can MedTech participants understand VBC partners’ expectations?

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Top Strategies Maximize Growth Prospects for Tissue Diagnostics
Tissue Diagnostics

What are the regional and technological forecasts for the TDx sector?

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US Healthcare Cybersecurity: Innovative Solutions Create Promising Growth Opportunities
US Healthcare Cybersecurity

Examine an application-wise regional breakdown of this industry

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In Vitro Diagnostics Sector: Key Growth Drivers and Benchmarked Innovations
In Vitro Diagnostics

What are the key growth opportunities that will shape this sector?

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Emerging Technologies in Healthcare Cloud Present Novel Growth Opportunities
Healthcare Cloud

What are the industry shares of segments like PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS?

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US Healthcare Consumerism: Growth-based Business Models Revealed
US Healthcare Consumerism

Examine the shift in consumer behavior to non-traditional healthcare

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Analyst Insights

Recently, Frost & Sullivan evaluated the North American population health management market. Based on its findings, it recognizes Cedar Gate Technologies (Cedar Gate) with the 2021 North America Technology Innovation Leadership Award for population health management. The company personalizes healthcare management through data management, analytics, collaborative care management, patient engagement, and quality reporting. It ensures that healthcare providers (HCPs) offer only appropriate and optimum patient interventions to reduce the costs associated with first-time admissions, readmissions, and longer-in-patient stays.
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Based on its recent analysis of the European telehealth industry, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Visiba Care with the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Leadership Award for empowering healthcare to provide high-quality digital care through its scalable and customizable virtual care platform. Visiba Care ensures a patient-centric approach to healthcare by customizing functionalities and workflows to fit each healthcare organization’s unique needs.
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Community oncology practices are continuing to adapt to value-based reimbursement models as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) prepares to transition from the Oncology Care Model (OCM) to the Oncology Care First (OCF) model in 2022. While the full details of this transition are still pending, OCF is expected to include more practices than OCM – and may create similar challenges for oncologists and administrators when it comes to achieving financial performance.
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Press Releases

Frost & Sullivan Reveals Growth Opportunities Emerging from the Decentralization of Care Delivery

The pandemic has propelled the agenda of “anytime, anywhere care,” allowing for virtual and alternative models of care to emerge in the areas of primary, secondary and tertiary care. Technology-enabled primary care and chronic disease management, virtual visits and remote patient monitoring, and the shift to outpatient surgery centers are major decentralization trends.

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Healthcare Providers to Gain a Holistic View of the Patient by Employing an Integrated Content Services Platform

The rise of value-based healthcare and the virtualization of nearly every aspect of healthcare operations are accelerating the need to break down data and departmental silos. With more than 75% of patient data unstructured and growing by more than 50% annually, healthcare organizations need better ways to unlock that value and maximize its potential.

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Artificial Intelligence to Boost the Global Wound Care Market by 2026 with Minimal Intervention Solutions

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Wound Care Solutions and New-age Technology Growth Opportunities, finds that participants in the wound care industry are investing heavily in technologies and solutions that require minimal/no medical intervention and can be used by patients, family and care providers. Primarily contributed by basic and advanced wound care solutions product types, the global wound care solutions market is estimated to garner $30.5 billion in revenue by 2026 from $20 billion in 2020, an uptick at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.7%.

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