What Are the Transformational Growth Opportunities Driven by Synthesized Foods?

Fueling Tomorrow’s Plates through Future-Forward Foods


With an ever-increasing population, the production of food is becoming a key concern, hence, we explore synthesized foods, their types, and the innovation observed across industries. 

To further understand synthesized foods, they are classified in the following categories: 1) Cultured meat 2) Functional and Nutritional Additives 3) Dairy Alternatives 4) Plant-based meat substitutes.

With the help of advanced technology, foods can be designed to have specific nutrient profiles, and further customization can be carried out to personalize food items in accordance with the individual's dietary needs. Through cellular agriculture, edible items fortified with specific nutrients can be used for the creation of precision medicine.

Alternative proteins are a scalable solution which with proper levels of public and private support can help address the biggest challenges of our time and transform our global food system for the better. Companies and countries worldwide must pursue cooperation through joint research projects and data sharing, to drive innovation.

  • What are the innovations in driving the evolution of synthesized foods?
  • How will newer foods assist traditional food systems?
  • Why is the development in synthesized foods essential to ensure sustainable and socially equitable economic development?

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