Frost Radar – Macroeconomic Stress and Vulnerability Assessment: What Are the New Growth Opportunities?


The global economy in recent years has faced a multitude of challenges such as the 2018 US-China Trade war, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian war, as well as the recent 2023 Israel-Hamas war. These geopolitical upheavals have significantly impacted the socioeconomic stability of countries across the world, with developed and emerging countries experiencing elevated stress levels because of these events.

While the degree of stress differs across countries, developing countries are more vulnerable to the shocks arising from high-stress levels as compared with developed countries. This is mainly due to subdued economic fundamentals exacerbated by weak infrastructural facilities, poor fiscal stability, high debt levels, and a lack of investment opportunities. These factors have also led to spillover effects in the form of high poverty and unemployment rates, growing food insecurity, lack of comprehensive healthcare services, and increasing carbon emissions, and pollution levels, thus elevating social stresses among developing countries. Furthermore, climate change and a rapidly aging population will cause a significant pullback on the economic growth momentum of countries, thus impacting stress levels over the long term.

However, to mitigate the effect of these setbacks, countries are accelerating the pace of their transition to a digital green economy through greater investments in clean energy generation and emerging technologies. These initiatives will foster multi-dimensional inclusivity and equality at a micro-level across countries, thus aiding to reduce stress levels substantially.

This macroeconomic growth content provides regional stress analysis and decision-makers can utilize country-wise analytics to gather a better understanding of the long-term implications of various stresses on a country’s economic growth.

  • How can you capitalize on major regional stress analytics?
  • What is the growth potential of the top 10 most stressed countries in 2023?
  • What are the top 10 least stressed countries, and how can you examine them to understand significant transformations?

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