Space as the Next Frontier: What Are the New Growth Opportunities?

Emerging growth opportunities for economic and technological advancement driven by government and private space agencies


Spacefaring and lunar exploration are among the biggest endeavors of civilization. Frost & Sullivan explores growth opportunities that can unlock space as the next frontier.

To best present what is happening and by whom in the space industry, the research refers to ecosystem players using the following five groups: Government space agencies, private space companies, satellite manufacturers, launch providers, and ground station operators.

Once a brief understanding of the market is established, Frost & Sullivan dives into the various megatrends that will drive the industry. Key challenges and opportunities for companies within this industry are included.

An overview of the space industry is presented in four areas: space tourism and commercial spaceflight, space resources and mining, satellite broadcast, and ground station services.

  • How will new commercial actors lead a reduction in the cost of access to space technologies and foster space innovation?
  • Why are more billionaires from technology companies venturing into space projects and paving the way for an increase in private investment?
  • What will lead to reduced costs and increased innovation in this landscape?

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