What Are the Game-changing Growth Opportunities for 5G in Southeast Asian Countries?

The commercialization of 5G solutions drives 5G adoption, but time is critical for 5G to prove its worth


5G revenue is predominantly driven by 5G connectivity. On the enterprise side, mobile operators have started to prioritize growth, with some regions (Singapore and Thailand) being more advanced than others. Singtel’s success is a testament to the fact that there is a monetizable opportunity for mobile operators to offer value to the enterprise segment by bringing together all the necessary enabling technologies for enterprises to link up to via application programmable interfaces (APIs) and launch new solutions.

  • How will 5G drive customer experience, customer-centric strategies, new business models with existing services (including broadcasting), and new services (such as metaverse-based)? 
  • What are the adoption challenges that impact further investment, and how can your team address them?
  • Why is monetizing the cost incurred more critical than technology development in this landscape?

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