Frost Radar–What Are the Growth Gaps in the Uninterruptible Power Supply Space?

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Though the global uninterruptible power supply (UPS) industry is mature, it offers considerable growth opportunities in different segments, such as technology, end-user verticals, power range, and geography. This analysis provides in-depth analytics into the total UPS space and various high-growth segments. The global UPS industry has a highly competitive landscape where one of the key challenges for a UPS manufacturer is to differentiate itself from its competitors.

  • Why must manufacturers keep up with new technologies and industry developments and introduce UPS solutions that can cater to businesses' growing needs?
  • How will the increasing demand from hyper-scale data centers, high levels of investment, and significant increases in data creation and consumption drive growth?
  • How are emerging technologies such as 5G, edge, and the Internet of Things along with artificial intelligence/machine learning advances combined with the growing adoption of hybrid cloud pave the way for new opportunities?

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