Rapidly Aging Demographics and the Global Silver Economy: What Are the New Growth Opportunities?

Businesses should focus on the growing silver consumer segment with the elderly to account for 22% of the world’s 2050 population


Businesses should no longer overlook the opportunities associated with aging demographics and the growing silver economy, with a rapidly elderly population growth forecast, especially for Asia, Africa, and Latin America. While China, India, and the US will continue the house the largest elderly population numbers until 2050, higher silver spending will also arise from the growing super-senior cohort (75-79 years and above).

The silver economy opportunity universe is far-reaching from opportunities in silver tourism to telemedicine and care robots to senior living communities and smart homes. Especially as some of these industries transition from the development stages towards growth and maturity, businesses should look to launch new product lines and expand solution portfolios in keeping with elderly demographics, macroeconomic dynamics, and government policies.

This growth content has been designed for organizations to re-align with aging demographics and silver consumer opportunities, providing insights into global elderly population growth, and silver economy spending patterns and industry opportunities.

  • How can your team benefit from region-wise comparisons of elderly populations?
  • What are the elderly spending patterns?
  • How is the silver economy opportunity universe transforming? 
  • How to capitalize on silver economy life cycle analyses and silver economy Ansoff matrices?

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