Frost Radar—How to Capture Emerging Opportunities in the Digital Twin Platforms?

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A digital twin is a virtual copy of a physical entity, which can be a product, system, component, or network of more complex systems. While a physical entity typically refers to tangible objects, a digital twin can also replicate a process, simulating and analyzing its performance. Thus, a digital twin can serve as a tool to virtually replicate and monitor various aspects of a physical system, including its design, performance, and maintenance. Digital twins allow companies to simulate the operations of assets or systems in real time under different operational scenarios without making changes in the real world.

  • How have improvements in computational power and advancements in artificial intelligence-driven analytics driven the growth of this space in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain?
  • How can your team use digital twins to represent more complex entities or networks of connected entities?
  • What are the top companies in this landscape and how are their growth trajectories positioned?

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