How Can Chinese Passenger Vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers Grow and Expand Exponentially?

Chinese OEMs' growth strategies are driving exports to overseas segments


This analysis outlines the global expansion strategies of Chinese passenger vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), focusing particularly on China’s exports to overseas segments and production capabilities in offshore locations. China’s automotive industry, including Chinese OEMs, has been witnessing rapid electric vehicle (EV) sales, aligned with the Mega Trend of global electric powertrain adoption.

  • How are factors like the Paris Agreement, global environmental goals, and corresponding zero-emission targets boosting demand for EVs?
  • Which advancements will drive the automotive value chain, production, dealerships, distribution, and aftermarket services of Chinese OEMs?
  • Which collaborations and partnerships will strengthen the global expansion strategies of Chinese OEMs?
  • What are the brand strategies and key analytics of Chinese OEMs?

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