Global Economic Shifts and Reskilling: What Are the Significant Growth Opportunities?

Rapid technological advancements and business model transformation will warrant life-long learning and continuous skilling initiatives


In the dynamic landscape of work and education, the concept of talent reskilling has emerged as a pivotal response to the evolving demands of industries and the workforce, especially given the rapid technological advancements, the impact of disruptive technologies on manufacturing and services sectors, as well as the massive scale of digital transformation induced by the pandemic.

This macroeconomic growth content employs a forward-looking approach and anticipates the shifts in technology, economics, and societal factors that will shape the reskilling landscape over the next two decades. By analyzing the impact of emerging global megatrends on reskilling, upskilling, and cross-skilling, the analysis provides insights into the pressing need for skilling initiatives on a global scale. Moreover, the analysis delves into the role of governments, corporations, and educational institutions in fostering a conducive environment for reskilling initiatives.

It also examines how a variety of economic, demographic, and industry developments to 2040 are likely to impact the long-term prospects of business models such as platform-based models, Software-as-a-Service, and Manufacturing-to-Zero-as-a-Service. Through a comprehensive analysis of these factors, this growth content aims to equip policymakers, educators, and industry leaders with a roadmap to harness the growth opportunities presented by global talent reskilling as we advance toward the year 2040.

  • What are global skilling developments and which factors drive the need for skilling?
  • What is the impact of global Megatrends on talent skilling?
  • How will long-term economic, demographic, and industry advancements impact emerging business models?
  • What are the top five growth opportunities?

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