Which Opportunities Trigger Growth in the Radio Frequency Test Equipment Space?

Expansion of 5G advanced wireless communication technology and investment in 6G to offer transformative growth


Radio frequency (RF) testing is essential to ensure that radio waves do not interfere with each other in air space. Recent technologies in sectors including mobile communication, aerospace and defense, automotive, and healthcare demand operation in the millimeter wave (mmWave) frequency range and bandwidth. Designing wireless systems in the mmWave frequency range presents unique challenges because doing so involves wider bandwidths; phased-array antennas; new modulation schemes; and massive multiple input, multiple output (MIMO).

  • Which factors facilitate growth in the RF test equipment space?
  • How are one-box testers, spectrum/signal analyzers, signal generators, power meters, network analyzers, and electronic counters evolving?
  • What are the key growth opportunities prevailing in this landscape?
  • How will RF testing indirectly facilitate the adoption of sustainable practices?

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