Economic Diversification in the Gulf Cooperation Council and Africa: What Are the Emerging Non-Oil Growth Opportunities?

Green energy transition, manufacturing localization, and an innovation-driven digital economy to stimulate the non-oil economy through 2030


Diversification into the non-oil economy has taken a policy centerstage in the past decade as the GCC and African oil and gas exporters prioritize expansion of their non-oil economies through their long-term vision plans. Despite the current challenging global economic conditions, several GCC and African countries are accelerating the pace of economic diversification by undertaking an amalgamation of socio-economic, business, trade, and technological initiatives. These are indicative of the regions’ long-term growth prospects across industries such as infrastructure, green energy, logistics, and tourism. Structural reforms and transformative shifts will also aid to build economic resilience and contribute towards the growth of these economies in a post-hydrocarbon future.

  • What are the mega trends and diversification trajectories of key economies such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Angola, Algeria, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, and the Republic of Congo?
  • How can decision makers utilize the country-wise analytics into the evolution of developments towards the diversification away from oil?
  • What industries are emerging as investment hotspots under the non-oil sectors?
  • What are the vision plans supporting diversification agenda and focus areas emerging from diversification?

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