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Top Growth Opportunities

TOP Growth Opportunities

Growth Innovation Leadership Council

Join us to be part of a robust community aimed at identifying growth opportunities & addressing key issues impacting the global business landscape. Discover disruptive technologies, innovation, & data-driven analyses to drive visionary decision-making, fostering expansion beyond core customers & brands to thrive in the years ahead.

Frost Radar

Frost Radar – Asset Performance Management, 2023

Asset Performance Management

What is the positioning of leading companies in this rapidly changing landscape?

Frost Radar – Automotive Coatings, 2023

Automotive Coatings Landscape

How are the top manufacturers in this space benchmarked based on various criteria?

Frost Radar – Small All-Electric VTOL Uncrewed Aerial Systems, 2023

Uncrewed Aerial Systems

What are the growth and innovation scores of major participants in this space?

Transformational Growth

How can Leaders & Companies Achieve Transformational Growth?

Achieving transformational growth for leaders & companies requires a strategic approach encompassing three key components: Growth Content, Growth Community, and Growth Coaching.

Growth Content highlights Frost Radars, recognizes best practices, & growth opportunities in various practice areas to drive performance.

Growth Community offers a platform for networking & collaboration through engaging activities including access to innovation workshops & 12-month-long Growth Council Think Tanks fostering in-depth discussions on industry-specific aspects.

Growth Coaching helps you gain the tools necessary to be able to activate your growth initiatives through executive coaching clinics, workshops, expert growth coaches, and ad hoc interactions.

Transformational Growth

Partnering Events

SCIP IntelliCon Euro 2023

DATES: 13 – 15 NOVEMBER 2023

Strategic Consortium of Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)'s IntelliCon Euro 2023 is a must-attend event for professionals and enthusiasts seeking to expand their knowledge, network with industry leaders, and develop a deeper understanding of the world of intelligence, strategy, and analytics. This dynamic conference will bring together a diverse community of experts, and practitioners from various sectors, providing an exceptional platform for sharing ideas and fostering collaboration of intelligence thought-leadership.

LPA Annual Meeting 2023


Nitin Naik, Vice President at Frost & Sullivan, will be speaking at the highly anticipated Laboratory Products Association's Annual Meeting on September 30 - October 3 in Florida. During this engaging and interactive session, Nitin Naik will delve into the fascinating world of AI in the life sciences sector. He will shed light on the key growth drivers that companies need to consider while exploring investments in cognitive capabilities. Nitin will also provide valuable insights into the evolving AI vendor ecosystem, helping attendees understand the overarching trends impacting AI adoption across various business functions.

Transformational Journey

What are the major growth opportunities transforming the likes of economic analytics, supply chain & logistics, and manufacturing?

Global Silver Economy: Opportunities for Growth and Diversification
Global Silver Economy: Opportunities for Growth and Diversification

How is your team strategizing to adapt and position your business for success in the rapidly evolving demographic landscape?

Identify the right opportunities!

Accelerating Supply Chain Growth Through Cutting-Edge Technologies
Accelerating Supply Chain Growth Through Cutting-Edge Technologies

Have you fortified your technology strategy to position yourself as a frontrunner in the supply chain transformation?

Maximize your potential today!

The Post-Oil Landscape: Growth Opportunities in GCC Economies
The Post-Oil Landscape: Growth Opportunities in GCC Economies

As economic diversification continues to gain traction, how can your team capitalize on growth in the Gulf Cooperation Council?

Apply strategies NOW!

What does Manufacturing Excellence mean in today’s context?
What does Manufacturing Excellence Mean in Today’s Context?

How is your team navigating the advantages and challenges of digital transformation while focusing on innovation and excellence?


Growth Council Think Tanks

Frost & Sullivan's Growth Council Think Tanks are renowned among industry leaders for their thought-provoking sessions that foster collaboration and drive transformation. Join our upcoming Think Tanks to discover how your organization can leverage new opportunities to enable transformational growth and thrive amid rising competitive intensity.

Economic Analytics

Growth Opportunities from Ageing Demographics: Global Silver Economy: Opportunities for Growth and Diversification

Aug 23rd, 2023 10:00 AM EDT

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GEN Manufacturing GCTT

Growth Opportunities in Global Manufacturing: What does Manufacturing Excellence Mean in Today’s Context?


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Power and Energy
Power and Energy

Growth Opportunities from ASEAN Energy Transition Plans: Navigating ASEAN's Energy Transition Journey and its Challenges

Aug 31st, 2023 02:00 PM SGT

Growth Opportunities from ASEAN Energy Transition Plans: Navigating ASEAN's energy transition journey and its challenges

Upcoming Sessions

Explore our August series focusing on disruptive advancements across various practice areas to fuel growth  

August 23rd-31st 2023

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Visionary Innovation Group

What are the game-changing growth opportunities and innovations driven by a zero-latency world?

Economic Analytics Transformation

Middle East and Africa's economic diversification: What are the emerging non-oil growth opportunities?

Business & Financial Services

What are the transformational strategies for top participants in the buy now, pay later (BNPL) landscape?

Best Practices Recognition

What are the top companies across various regions and industries in terms of leadership and innovation?

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