Transformative Mega Trends Driving the Global Personal Care Active Ingredients Market, 2020

Natural and Sustainable Ingredients Represent Key Growth Opportunities

Active ingredients are added in personal care and cosmetic products to enhance their functional properties. Active ingredients fulfill anti-aging, exfoliation, sun protection, moisturizing, antimicrobial, and other functions (e.g., skin lightening). They are utilized in various skincare products such as facial and body creams, lotions, masks, and other formulations.

Factors Impacting Growth: With increasing concern over the use of certain chemicals, for example phthalates, consumers have shifted their preference to products with natural and safer ingredients. Improving economic standards, increasing share of working women, and growing consumer awareness regarding grooming are likely to drive the growth of personal care active ingredients.

Key Questions this Study will Answer

  • What is the size of the personal care active ingredients market in value and unit shipment?
  • How long will the market continue to grow, and at what rate?
  • What pricing, product, and regulatory trends are seen in the market?
  • What are the product trends that impact the personal care active ingredients industry?
  • What are the regional trends in the personal care active ingredient market?
  • What are the various growth opportunities present in the market?


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