Top 8 Growth Opportunities for 2021 Impacting Industries, Governments and Society

What You Need to Know Now


2021 will mark the year of building resilience. As we learn to embrace uncertainty, the new year will bring about significant changes in the way we work and live. Changes in user behavior patterns will trigger major shifts in consumption and business models.

Emerging advancements in technologies such as AI and automation will lead the way as we continue to fight the pandemic. Connectivity and flexibility in work structures will blur physical boundaries between work, cities and our homes.

2021 will also push limits in healthcare innovation, as nations consistently strive to fight COVID-19 and protect their citizens.

As industries shift to the 'new normal', it is imperative for companies to:

  • Lead a smooth transition to a secure, multichannel, work-from-anywhere and connected workspace.
  • Embrace automation. Adopt a „digital-first‟ approach.
  • Build a clear „circular strategy‟ and encourage corporate consciousness.

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