Strategic Public-Private Partnerships Transforming the Telehealth Market in the KSA and the UAE, 2020–2025

Future Growth Potential of Country-level Telehealth Initiatives that Create Multimillion-dollar Growth Opportunities

In this research service, Frost & Sullivan’s transformational health team provides critical insights into the KSA and UAE telehealth markets and highlights growth opportunities, revenue segments, and technology trends that influence growth and revenue. The telehealth market covered in this study includes three segments: virtual visits, mHealth, and remote patient monitoring (RPM). The forecast for the telehealth market in the KSA and the UAE until 2025 reveals the Mega Trends that influence health care delivery in these countries. Importantly, the study also identifies actionable growth opportunities that industry participants can profit upon. The report highlights the similarities and contrasts between the two countries, in terms of the adoption of telehealth.

Owing to the need to maintain social distancing and a safe environment, and the introduction of reimbursement for virtual visits, telehealth has become one of the most important communication and treatment tools during the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth may not be suitable for all types of patient needs, but there is a sizable number who could be examined, treated, and followed up using a mix of virtual visits, RPM devices, and mobile health services, apps, and wearable devices. The biggest challenge is to narrow the gap between consumers willing to use telehealth services and those who have actually used them.


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