Developing Innovative ROI Streams and Patient-centric Virtual Care Approaches will Shape the Global Healthcare Industry, Outlook 2021

Digital Transformation Leads to New Growth Strategies for Stakeholders

The global COVID-19 pandemic and other geo-political events left many businesses facing an unprecedented state of uncertainty. Healthcare companies across the care continuum remain grappling with these new challenges, of which the extent and longevity remain unknown. Spurred by the year’s events, healthcare delivery has accelerated its transformation, and the concept of anytime-anywhere care has taken course to become mainstream. Digital health applications—especially telehealth and remote patient monitoring—saw tremendous demand as the only means to continue care delivery for many during the pandemic.

To align with the new normal, vendors will need to redefine their visions and strategies, ensuring they are ready to tackle 2021 and beyond. Use of artificial intelligence (AI) across the spectrum of applications, cloud computing, patient engagement solutions, and home monitoring represent strong opportunities for growth. The new vision for healthcare in 2021 will focus on access, quality, and affordability, in addition to strategies designed to overcome the losses sustained in 2020, while ensuring healthcare remains precise, preventive, and outcome-based in the promotion of social and financial inclusion.


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