Impact of COVID-19 on Elective Procedures in Western Europe, 2020–2023

Growth Strategies to Navigate the Uncertainty Surrounding Elective Procedure Deferrals and Their Impact on the Medical Device Market

The deferral of elective procedures due to pandemic-related measures has adversely affected the cardiovascular medical devices market. While some cardiovascular procedures are considered urgent, others have been rescheduled and deferred.

Nearly 80% of all the orthopedic procedures performed in Europe are estimated to have been delayed, postponed, or canceled due to COVID-19, as they are considered to be elective and non-essential procedures. Traumas, amputations, and oncological procedures are considered to be the most essential. Dislocations and fractures, including hip, pelvis, and forearms, are only being considered for treatment in urgent cases. COVID-19 patient volumes are putting a strain on intensive care resources. Providers are witnessing a decrease in ambulatory care and elective surgeries, even as the infection is spreading in nursing homes. There is a surge in on-demand services.


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