Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Meetings Market

Video Meetings Become a Business Necessity in the New Normal

The socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is difficult to fully predict with many factors in a flux. One thing is amply clear – it will be a disruptive catalyst across the UCC industry. In particular, it will forever change the way we meet and collaborate.

Organizations across the world were quick to respond to the pandemic by implementing travel restrictions and WFH policies. To ensure continuity, businesses, educational institutions, and health care facilities adopted video conferencing, group chat, and content collaboration tools at an unprecedented scale leading to exponential market growth. The shift to remote work represents a transformative moment for the meetings market. The covid-19 crisis is expected to leave an indelible impact on how organizations and users perceive remote work. The previously-held stigma of remote work has dissipated. Remote work and hybrid work will be the new norm.


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