European Renovation Wave Strategy Drives Demand for Home Automation Systems (HAS) Market, 2027

Future Growth Potential Energized by Innovative Business Models and Sustainability-driven Value-added Offerings

This research explores growth opportunities in the European home automation systems market and the possibility of the European Renovation Wave strategy accelerating the demand for such products. The research analyses key drivers and restraints that influence market growth, key country-level trends and market measurements, competitive landscape, and key growth opportunities and strategic imperatives for market participants.

Though a professional home automation system is seen as a luxury segment of the smart homes ecosystem, its attractiveness can be improved within the mainstream segment to increase mass-market adoption through innovative business models and value-added offerings. A home automation system is a centralised system that controls and automates two or more home functions, thereby offering an assisted and connected living environment to end users. The scope of the study includes only the monitoring and controller units, user interface devices, and associated software that are integrated into the indoor lighting equipment, entertainment systems, windows, blinds, shutters, and indoor climate control systems. However, the market size and forecast of this study do not include the products and appliances controlled by home automation systems.

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