Industry Convergence to Transform the Global Plastics and Composites Market, Outlook 2021

Distribution Channel Optimisation Driven by Reshoring and Digitally Enabled Business Models

Frost & Sullivan acknowledges that the global plastics and composites market is extremely diverse. The end markets of this industry have been undergoing varied degrees of transformation due to a number of Mega Trends such as the Covid-19 pandemic and international trade wars and product and end-user specific existing and emerging trends.

This research service analyses the 2020 global plastics and composites market in various applications and its outlook for 2021. The main end industries covered include automotive, building and construction, consumer goods and household, electrical and electronics, medical, packaging, and others (sports and leisure, housewares, furniture, footwear, wind turbine applications, and oil and gas pipelines). Frost & Sullivan’s forecasts are the weighted average of the impact COVID-19 has on key market trends.

The highlights of 2020 and top trends of 2021 are discussed. Revenue forecasts are provided for each application and plastic type segment from 2019 to 2021. The study revisits the predictions from 2020 to analyse what happened and what is in store for all the themes.